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(921 Earthquake Education Park∼Tunnel Of Wine Pot∼SUN Moon Lake∼Wen-Wu Temple∼Spa Resort Hotel)


921 Earthquake Education Park: Originally a high school, because after experiencing a major earthquake 921 dilapidated, has been converted into an earthquake museum education, there are quite a few on the earthquake disaster prevention knowledge and common sense during the period, and there was damaged by an earthquake
site reserved for later vigilance and awareness of human horror earthquake.

Tunnel of Wine Pot: It is composed of hundreds of wine pots and the stacking arrangement is like a tunnel looking from the entrance to the other end.

SUN Moon Lake: The SUN Moon Lake, located in the middle of Taiwan, with an elevation of 748 meters above sea level, is the only natural big lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Lalu Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun; hence the name SUN Moon Lake.

Wen-Wu Temple: Located in the northern waist, dedicated to Confucius (Wen-sheng), Yue Fei and Guan Yu (Wu Sheng), named after temples built along the mountain. The temple consisted of three sections, colored golden-yellow, is a typical northern China styled momentum

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(Tahu Strawberry Winery∼Neiwan Street∼Vigor Kobo∼Shihlin Night Market)


Tahu Strawberry Winery: The Tahu Winery is located in the hometown of strawberries of Taiwan, and is the first domestic winery that produce strawberry wines. And it is also the only strawberry winery in Asia. You can witness the process of making strawberry wine and the ecology of strawberry farms.

Neiwan Street: Is within one of the three railway lines in Taiwan, a total length of about 200 meters in the streets, the streets are all local characteristics of wild ginger flower dumplings, Purple bun, Hakka Lei Cha, cattle wan water, too pot rice …… Hakka cuisine. The store is not timing the launch of local traditional handicraft activities.
Shihlin Night Market: It is one of the most popular night markets in Taipei City, known for its traditional snacks such as chicken steak, smelly tofu, oyster dumplings, frog eggs and Shihlin sausages and more. Shihlin Night Market is not only good for food but also a good choice of shopping.

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(Shilin Residence∼Taipei 101(Observatory Fee Own Expenses)∼Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall∼Raohe Street Tourist Night Market)


Shilin Residence: It is the residence of President Chiang Kai-shek during his lifetime. Here you can feel the style of life of President. It is reconstructed to an ecological park. From time to time it holds flower shows for visitors to enjoy.

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall: Taipei 101 with height of 508 meters is a new landmark in Taipei. This building is an integration of the classical Oriental culture and Taiwan local characteristics offering elegant and spacious shopping space within the shopping center.

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall: To commemorate the founding father Sun Yat-sen established, solemn and majestic style building, and can view Taipei 101.

Raohe Street Tourist Night Market: It is 600 meters in length, near Shongshan Railway Station. There is a decorated-archway in front of the entrance. There are various shops and stands in the night market. It presents Taiwanese characteristic and is definitely a place worth for visit

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Home Sweet Home

SHOPPING STOP: Traditional Aboriginal Product, Tianlu Art Center, Pearl, Facial Mask.



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